We all want to live long and healthy but others have other ideas on how we should live and eat for the humble dollar and large conglomerates. This is not a normal post for my blog but after going through a Heart Attack, Gallstones and now have Cancer whats the point of money if you cannot have a healthy lifestyle while others choose to use us and abuse us.

This video was taken down from youtube and is being pulled elsewhere and being monetised and will probably only end up on Netflix? WTF is that about.

Information like this should only be free to the public, why pay and hide?

To ensure this stays free I have reloaded to youtube but made private and the only way to see is by email invitation. Contact me on facebook and supply your email to me in private chat, I can add your email to the movie on youtube, watch out for an email link from me.

I will not be spamming you but if you would be kind enough to like my blog or even comment below that would be much appreciated. NOTE: Click on “This video is private” when you get to youtube.

Once I have added your email and if you do not see the movie for any reason, make sure you refresh your website or clear cache ande cookies or even restart your PC which is the last resort.

Free PDF and Word Docs just to say thank you

The third eye

Eliminate sugar report

The vision of life

Self-development secrets

People empowerment


Magnetic thoughts

Funnels build your list

Fitness Fundamentals

Handling Depression

Hemp or Oil for healing

Removing heavy metals from the body

Save a person having a stroke ( I don’t endorse this but nor deny it works)

As I have mentioned above about my Cancer (Leukaemia) I am adding here links for anyone else who may be suffering from Cancer also including my youtube link on a series of videos on my/our (Wife) journey on how and what we are doing to battle and halt this disease.

Our Cancer story  Youtube channel with links in description

The links on youtube will vary, Info on Diet etc

Your first port of call would be to check out Rick Simpson for Cannabis information

For those in the UK some website links

Also some FB groups  There are plenty of groups on FB to get help and believe me you are not alone, you can feel scared and worried and that is normal. I felt the same but now I know a whole lot more and know what direction I am going. If you want to reach out to me for a chat then please do so.

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