Beginnings:  2002 is when it all started, back home in the UK after spending 20 years in South Africa with little money, some boxes in storage in South Africa and our suitcases.

We had no jobs, no transport and just about broke. We lived in Battle not far from the seaside town of Hastings  our accommodation was a brought tent and everything we needed to start our life in the UK and with no help from our governmental system services (They would not give us any help and that is another story) we were truly grateful to the owners of the caravan park who were very helpful and lenient with us while we got on our feet.

With pure determination, need and necessity we both looked for jobs, walking the streets, the Internet cafe and talking to people. I was the first to get a job and it came with a vehicle (That was a godsend in its self) Then my wife got a job and now the money was coming in which enabled us to rent a flat and furnish it. We even got a car for ourselves. We had begun our life in the UK from nothing and with no help from anyone.

What we had was not what we wanted and nor were the jobs but when you are down on your luck, you are grateful for everything that comes along. Being in our late 40’s life ahead was not looking rosy and some decisions had to be made I had by now been through two jobs one of them working for major white goods firm in London (Hated it) my wife was doing ok and learning about working for the NHS something later she would find out was politically incorrect and very cruel.

It was time to make a move, it was agreed to go back to my old haunting grounds where friends were and familiarity Taunton in Somerset.

Once again we rented property and found jobs, yes lucky with my skills and my wife’s experience with the NHS she just simply just got another job with the NHS of which she was to spend the next 10 years with. Myself as a refrigeration engineer and master of a few other skills were now fine and settled only there was one very big problem, no pension and no matter how much we could save it would never be enough, so our pensionable days ahead of us was looking bleak and depressing, in fact we were heading full on into trouble and a sad end to our what has been an adventure and fun life.

It took a visit to the Bath and West show and parking our car among the other thousand cars and of to see the show. On our return trying to remember where we parked the car (Well we all do it don’t we haha ) I noticed a card on a car like so many other cards on hundreds of cars and stole it, it read ”Work from home” it was that day that changed our future forever, I had found the answer to everything.

And our first introduction to a Network marketing company  called Kleeneze

Our first big cheque and a holiday in Egypt (That’s me on top Mount Sinai)

We had arrived or should say begun our journey in a new life unknown by many and right under our noses.

Sadly and ten years later and much movement of top distributors leaving and a force of 23000 distributors has now dwindled down to about 13000, time for me to move on. Many conferences, many workshops, many presentations, many bonding weekends, many books audios and CDs. I was now charged up and educated in the new way of life and ready to hit the Internet and that is for another post, a whole new kettle of fish and what a nightmare learning curve that is.

The Internet connection

I have a computer and we are still delivering catalogues to customers while I get to grips with a mouse and lots of calls to Microsoft support as I have no idea what it is I am doing and at the time there was always that funny noise created by that dreadful ”Dial-up tone” how we all hated that and thank you Mr. Broadband a welcome indeed.

So now I wanted to go online and find a business and with no knowledge of what to look for, what was on offer or unable to ask a question as I did not have the question to ask as I did not know anything ( Make sense).

I got to looking at guru stuff and lots of dollars there and they knew it, they got in early to rape unknowing people, not saying they were all bad but I found only one person who I actually did buy a lot of info and it was how to set up a website, doing articles etc he was pretty good and for me it was a start to learning stuff on the Internet. I even started my first blogger blog and what a messy looking thing it was back in 2006 and look at all the biz I was advertising then, most of it was affiliate stuff and never made one sale as I did not know how to, more learning to be done.

No regrets with what I was doing, whether right or wrong I was learning and making mistakes as I went along and that is how it works unless you have someone to follow. On reflection, I think I am glad I chose the route I did, it took me places and opened horizons, had I just followed someone I may have missed a lot.

I think experience is good, should the need ever arise to help someone or a question asked, I could, in all honesty, give an opinion on it instead of an ”I have no idea” or ” No I would not do that” I was and still am enjoying the learning on-line it never stops, new technology, new software, new ideas, new goals and new adventures and a zillion people out there who need help or want to buy something.

So what was the next step, affiliate marketing was not working (My fault) so up came eBay and like thousands have found eBay and thought this is it. I opened a DVD shop with hundreds of DVDs alongside drop shipping, now I was learning e-commerce and other skills and software PDF XL docs etc I actually made sales. But with running an online store so did the complaints come in, many trying their luck ”I never received the product” pays to have tracking and I knew they had but it was not me that had to put up with the complaints it was the drop shippers, it did not do my star rating well. And so eBay crumbled into the dust and along came Amazon, no I am not going there ha ha ha.

The Internet was now filling up with all kinds of businesses in particular “Products” manufacturers of all kinds were coming on-line and needed people to join them as partners or as we know today as ”affiliate marketers” Yes I joined one, a pain relief company which sold a good product I even became an agent in the UK for it and then things started going wrong. I won’t go into the story as it would be boring, let’s just say another learning curve had been born and absorbed. Just to update you I am now 4 years in on the Internet and still not made any big money, working online was beginning to look like a no-no for me but I battle on.

Then there were the sharks who wanted to save the world I fell for this and so did thousands more, it has been 2 years since I left the last shark $5000 lost, bad experience and never again.

In the meanwhile I am still learning, my blogger blog has over 470,000 views, learning all about traffic and driving people to where I may have something for them, I am now finding out what it is and what it takes to make it on-line I also came across something else that I knew nothing about ”Rev share business” basically it is a site for you to add your blog or website and hopefully make some sales and you earn from it, I had joined one previous to that and it turned out to be another scam and millions lost in that as well, the owners now being in prison, my money in account was $190,000 it was not real and all fake.

I was dubious about joining another but this time I struck gold for the first time on the Internet and today (2015) my earnings are at $16000 ( Have used some of it, it pays very well and instant) and climbing and started the business in October 2015 with a one-off bought product for $50, we are now looking very good. However and yes again another clever Ponzi.

I am not happy, I have taken on board so much information gained so much knowledge I am now realizing I can do so much more, not just for us but for others also.

There is one big stumbling block with working online and that is having to depend on others to make your fortune and with that comes many ups and downs and the list is long and frustrating. If I have a choice to what direction to take then it would be Affiliate Marketing/Network Marketing/E-Commerce

It is accepted worldwide as a very legitimate way of earning income by selling other people’s products, much like a supermarket does, there is very good money in it.

There are just too many failed business, you are in a risky world where the strong stay and win or the weak fail and settle to a life of mediocrity. Network marketing is not easy and thousands will not join MLM companies because of people building, it takes time and a lot of effort, it is not easy and it requires members to make it happen, but if you stick with it and never give up I guarantee you will come through and very pleased with yourself.

Funny now that I see it, remember my old blogs and all those products that did not work for me, now I know why and if I had the knowledge then as I do now, we just might be very well off on this day. However, we are not but we are on the road and know what to do now.

”Affiliate marketing” but franchise style, buy the licence (Sometimes) sell the products, get trained by coaches and experts, travel the world on courses, earn very high ticket returns, earn cars, cruises, holidays, and other rewards and you do so all by yourself no dependency on anyone, no need to get other people to join your business to make you rich, just do it yourself. Our Internet life our Internet life has just been found and it took 6 years to get here.

Be careful out there, get help with experts, there is no need for you to wait 6 years to get what you want, you could do it in 1 year.

Do you know the story of Colonel Sanders (Kentucky fried chicken) do not think you will not make it, with the right mentor and sponsor, you will! He is just one example of someone who would not give up, you can have what you want if your willing to fight for it.





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I am now also a qualified Coach of which many thanks goes to Edward Ludbrook of New Zealand who taught me so much.



100%COACH final2


(My name has changed to Gerald Ballantyne)

I am here to help and you

My Moto ”Feel the fear and do it anyway”

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A word of caution and warning, the Internet has more Ponzis and scams than it does real business’s. There are millions of people out there and new people coming on to the Internet, they will fall for a Ponzi somewhere somehow, it will happen. My blog shows you real online businesses and if you want to experience a Ponzi please go ahead and try one, they are cheap to start (Clue 1) and will not last more than 6 months but if you are very lucky you could be nice and comfortable in one that lasts 3 years and then bang it falls apart. Been there done that.

Bookmark this blog, you might need it and a leader to help you back on the road to recovery.

Best of luck out there

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