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After the collapse of some businesses, I have joined over the past 6 years (two of those years just learning and playing around on my PC).

Everything else has been nothing short of disasters, they have just collapsed, have been nothing more than hidden pyramid schemes and scammers galore and they come with great promises and pretty faces. I have noticed that many do not last beyond 6 months or at about 3 years before an agency or haters will bring a business/site down to its knees.

I have learned so much about the Internet and the people on it who are also like me who are looking for something to enhance our lives in the shape of some kind of business that will quite simply make us financially better off, give us all a quality of life that the wage packet does not.



It is a long way from the beginning when you start your journey on your first PC to learn how it works and once that is done after all the faIls and mistakes you finally have a good grasp of how to use it and how to protect it. And now comes the next step finding, work, jobs or a business on the Internet.

It is a minefield of information and corruption on the internet, it is not all good, pick the wrong road and you can end up where thousands have trod before and failed miserably to get ahead.

Type in ”Work from home” or ”MLM” or ”Network marketing” and you will be bombarded with information that would put your brain on information overload.

It is quite simply ”Mind boggling”

And to make your journey even worse there are sharks everywhere


A funny image but the sharks have destroyed many on the Internet, millions of dollars stolen.

I also fell for the easy stuff. Well, why not, find an easy way to earn money, do this do that and make 100’s or even 1000’s per month. Simple, right? just follow someone who has already done it? well, that could not be further from the truth. If get rich quick is what you heard then your mistaken unless of course you found the cure for Cancer and you will become a billionaire overnight.

Thousands upon thousands have fallen for the same tricks and still do today. I could show you people sharing so many types of business in one year alone and then show you that same person sharing, even more, businesses and the ones they were in, all collapsed or were brought down by a government agency, there still broke, still struggling even years on, fixed and locked into a life they cannot get out of even though they have tried it a hundred times before. This is the danger zone, this is where you will get caught up in the next big thing the next shiny object with a fantastic website and awesome goodies and bonus’s (They think of everything, the presentation is everything).

Due diligence and exploration of any business you look at should be your first stop before joining. And sadly I say, even your homework may not be enough to find yourself in a scam months on or even years later. Years later? if a business is never registered with an official body or even been investigated by a government agency then the day they are, could find that they are breaking a law or manipulating one and before you know it, the business is a bust. This has happened to Blue chip MLM companies.

Expect failure, expect money losses, it is going to happen and not just once or twice. You will make some money there is no doubt you will earn anything from $10 to maybe a few thousand but don’t get excited it may not last long.

The sharks know that when people come online for a business they will be wanting something easy (Although nearly all of them require you to bring people on board to improve your finances, and you know how to recruit?) that is another interesting subject and thousands have no clue how to recruit (And never ask family to join anything). There are I think the figure is about 10,000 business start-ups on the Internet every day, good and bad and all varieties. Among them are the sharks ready for the kill.

The good news

Of everything I have seen and been involved with (Including silly stupid business’s I have not even mentioned above) one particular business that does stand the test and as legal and accepted worldwide is Affiliate marketing.

To understand what it is is best shown here, please take a few moments to read

In simple terms ”Selling other people’s products on a commission basis of sales done”

Click Bank and Amazon are a perfect example of affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketers make a lot of money selling other people products and there are quite a few places where you can join sites and sell products Click Bank is just one and very popular over the years, however the pitfalls are ”Low commissions” nearly all that I know will pay 1/3rd and up to maybe 3/4 of the actual price so lets say you sell a $25 product your share will be low but sell enough and it builds up, excited yet? there are higher based products also but the commission does not change, you just stepped up the product price range that is all. And also how many times can you sell the same product to a customer.

Let us say you are a new person and looking for a business on the Internet and from what you have read reviews and testimonials that affiliate marketing is the safe and rewarding business to take on. You have no marketing skills, you have no idea how to use Google ads or Facebook marketing, you do not know what people want or require and who on earth is going to buy a $20,000 product? you have no website no blog, no email list? It all looks insurmountable….


This is where you should start to think where can I get everything I need in one place and with experts in all fields and will not cost me the earth. Will supply all my needs and will help me become a very successful affiliate.

I know only of three companies myself and of those three, only one stands out from the rest.

More information HERE on Mobe


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