Next Level Africa


So here we go and using links as it is quicker and saves repeating 3 years of toil and growth, I would also add that there are trillions of dollars invested in everything and yet what you will see may look amateurish  and a bit shady, I can assure that all will be updated eventually, so ignore what you see and keep to facts only. the website  This is the info site and pay plan etc

Now here is the interesting bit if you like cryptocurrencies. We have two exchanges one for the NexLevelAfrica business and a separate one that’s not connected in any way with the business (It’s complicated) but you will understand should you join.

NextLevelAfrica coin exchange

REGISTER at the above address and upload KYC documents (Utility bill not less than 3 months old) IGNORE  2fa authentication at this time. Just use login details when you set up an account. Skype training available on how to use our coin exchange. This is very exciting as you will see when all this puzzle comes together.

Asset Account: $5,140,707,290     
Next Level Africa Value (USD): $70.86     
Value of Next Level Africa (BTC): 0.00999272     
Last BTC Price: $7,090.81

Dated: 31/02/2018

Global Exchange (Not directly linked with NLA) you may have an issue here, as said above your virus software may report something or Google saying ”no certificate” or other warnings. Contact me if problem.

Awaiting update 31/03/2018

Asset Account: $8,601,906,333     

Chingeling Value (USD): $93.50     

Value of Chingeling (BTC): 0.04288787     

Last BTC Price: $2,180.08

Dated: 28/05/2017

There is also a desktop wallet to download to look after your money and transactions.




Join my Skype group if you join the group just leave a message in there and let me know where you came from, either we spoke on FB or from this blog.

32,000 members have been waiting for this to all begin for a while now and our proof of patience and trust in the owner of this is unshakable.

What you may have seen and read is only the tip of the Iceberg of what is to come so if you are a little quizzical and interested in just joining the Skype room and wait for updates, you are most welcome.

There is no personal link for anyone, we work with one link for all.

PS we have also joined Bitclub network as a strong team to build Bitcoin for all members.


To Join NLA is only $20 a year and NO HIDDEN SURPRISES WAITING FOR YOU that’s it $20 and then to join our Bitclub network club $150 instead of you paying $600 if you tried it by yourself.

If you are looking for a long-term business with a great pay plan + we also have our own coins which are doing extremely well.







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