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So here we go and using links as it is quicker and saves repeating 6 years of toil and growth, I would also add that there are trillions of dollars invested in everything and yet what you will see may look amateurish  and a bit shady, I can assure that all will be updated eventually, so ignore what you see and keep to facts only. the website. New registrations not open to the public due to maintenance and upgrades. Bookmark this blog for updates.  This is the info site and pay plan, study well.

Now here is the interesting bit if you like cryptocurrencies. We have two exchanges one for the Next Level Africa business and another that is not connected in any way with the business (It’s complicated) but you will understand should you join.

If you are looking for a long-term business with a great pay plan + we also have our own coins which are doing extremely well.

You can also join the exchange’s and start investing in the coins, joining Next Level Africa? please bookmark this blog for updates for when registration re-opens.

Register and upload KYC documents (Utility bill not less than 3 months old, passport or other photographic ID) IGNORE  2fa authentication at this time. Just use login details when you set up an account. Skype training available on how to use our coin exchange. This is very exciting as you will see when all this puzzle comes together.

Dated: 31/02/2018

Asset Account: $5,140,707,290     
Next Level Africa Value (USD): $70.86     
Value of Next Level Africa (BTC): 0.00999272     
Last BTC Price: $7,090.81

Dated 14/01/2019

Asset Account: $23,388,747,434     
Next Level Africa Value (USD): $322.60     
Value of Next Level Africa (BTC): 0.09117160     
Last BTC Price: $3,538.42

Global Exchange (Not directly linked with NLA) you may have an issue here, as said above your virus software may report something or Google saying ”no certificate” or other warnings. Contact me if problem. At this time 14/01/2019, all working well

Dated: 28/05/2017

Asset Account: $8,601,906,333     
Chingeling Value (USD): $93.50     
Value of Chingeling (BTC): 0.04288787     
Last BTC Price: $2,180.08

Dated 14/01/2019

Asset Account: $84,196,348,017     
Chingeling Value (USD): $919.66     
Value of Chingelings (BTC): 0.25985003     
Last BTC Price: $3,539.18

There is also a Next Level Africa desktop wallet to download to look after your coins/money and transactions. This is a must be required download if you are entertaining joining Next Level Africa. Works on PC and Laptop ONLY

53,000 registered members have been waiting for this to all begin for a while now and our proof of patience and trust in the owner of this is unshakable.

There is no personal link for anyone, we work with one link for all.

To Join NLA is only $20 a year and NO HIDDEN SURPRISES WAITING FOR YOU that’s it $20.

New website under construction

Would you like a preview of what you might be joining?

If you are interested in Next Level Africa and would like to hear our Webinars with our CEO as a guest, you are most welcome.


6 thoughts on “Next Level Africa

  1. Hi – do you still endorse Bitclub Network as a good site? I have read a few reviews stating it is of dubious morals and the claims of riches are vastly exaggerated. The fact that Bitcoin has dropped by around 70% thjis year makes me wonder if there is any future in mining in the short to medium term.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi
      Hard to say in the present climate, there certainly appears to be “Control” in the bitcoin space. I would not close my account at this point but make sure you do have a plan “C” in place. History has a bad habit of biting one’s backside and regrets.


  2. Lord Ballantyne, I read that some investors have pulled out of NLA. I picked up on some quotes about horrible IT issues and delays, too. I was toying over the idea of investing now, but I am not convinced this NLA coin has legs any more.


    • Investors? or do you mean 1 investor? because only 1 left and removed £663 million, for the time being, there is nothing saying he/she will not be back.

      Now there are 429 more investors with a lot of money in NLA and the banks have already spoken to them but you would know all this if you were on our webinar with Noel Adams (CEO).

      It is very interesting to note how many coins are being sold and bought up on the CEX exchange including myself and many of my friends are doing, even today 14/01/2019 someone, and they were not from any of my group of friends bought up another 500 NLA coins.

      Anyone not getting involved and investing will regret their decision later, in the meanwhile the more for us and the investment is growing.

      One coin buy (BTC .00060) is equal to £1.65 or ($2.1) market value sale price $322.60. get your calculator out.

      As for delays with whatever is happening to create this behemoth of a humanitarian business, and so far, it has been 6 years in the building, we are now so close to going public is of no concern to me, it is what it is.

      Please read this…

      She was “tricked” by Jack Ma from Alibaba for 14 years.
      The woman in the photo with Jack Ma is Tong Wenhong. She joined Alibaba 16 years ago as a receptionist. When Jack Ma was allocating shares of the company, he gave Tong 0.2% of shares saying it would be worth 100 billion when Alibaba went public in the market. He asked her to stay in the company, not to switch to other companies and that she would receive 100 million when Alibaba becomes public. Tong waited years after years, but Alibaba never went public. She asked Jack when Alibaba will go out to the public market in 2004 and Jack said soon. She asked again in 2006 and Jack said soon, again. However, she never saw it happen. When Alibaba finally went public on the New York Stock Exchange (ten years later) in September 2014, the value was 245.7 billion.
      Tong, the former receptionist, (current vice president of Alibaba) became a millionaire receptionist with $320 million dollars.
      Would you stay with your leader for 14 years pursuing a vision?
      When he is fighting tirelessly, would you fight with him?

      I also heard the rumors about BTC and people laughed and now millionaires were created from cents of investments. (I was one of them)

      Ships sail away, foresight and risk, always a hard one to miss the boat and too late to say “wish I had”

      I leave you to toy with this information. Have a lovely day.


      • A very interesting read, Lord Ballantyne! Thank you for taking the time to reply so comprehensively.

        And well done on your millionaire status and for getting in early doors with bitcoin – you are one of the very lucky ones – or maybe you just had that entrepreneurial foresight and bravery to throw your hat into the ring 🙂


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